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"In life we will all face many challenges, however, our toughest opponent will always be the man in the mirror."

I am a true believer of the phrase, "nothing humanly possible can be alien to me." If another human being is capable of achieving a goal, or acquiring an asset, then so too am I. That is where it all began. The day I heard that phrase and truly embraced it's definition, was the day I went from a dreamer, to a conqueror.

You see, I have always been a dreamer. So a lack of vision was never the problem. My struggle was believing that those goals of which I dreamed could actually be obtained by a young Black male from Joliet, Illinois. I was programmed into believing that there were limits on my life that I should just accept.

BUT I AM HUMAN, and nothing humanly possible can be alien to me!

My life did not change until my state of mind changed first. There is a certain peace associated with taking full control of your life, and living out of the shadows of your fears. Our fears will hold us in bondage, chained to the ground afraid to fly because of our fear of falling. Our faith will break those chains, and push us to heights we never even dreamed of reaching.

So the next time you are looking in the mirror and feeling defeated, ask yourself one question, AM I HUMAN?