Wrapping up a recent photo shoot, the gents and I decide to have a few drinks. Different topics were bounced around but the one constant was changing the way we as a people are perceived. Mainly the way we are perceived amongst each other.

Showing less respect has become a normal thing. The music changed. Fashion changed. Our interactions with each other changed. The courting of women changed. Humility left and greed set in. It became all about self. What I have and how I can keep you from getting it too. We were no longer our brothers keeper.. and that became cool.

This may break all GUY CODE but it needs to be said.. 

Ladies, if you consider yourself a Queen why are you settling for the court jester? Who you attach yourself to is a direct reflection of how you view yourself. If a male disrespects you mentally, verbally or physically he is no man, he is a boy. Your allowing him to give no effort. Be the change you want to see. If you want him to conduct himself better DEMAND BETTER FOR YOURSELF. You can't keep sending us mixed signals. One minute you want us to respect the Goddess that you are and the next minute your at the club with everything spilling over! Queens don't subject themselves to those standards. We are not kids any more. It's time to put away those things you did when you were in your twentys.

Guys, you call her your Queen but refuse to make her one in front of God, her family and friends. What your doing to your "Queen" is making a joke of her in front of the world.

I'm just tired. Im tired of everyone always owing YOU something. You are the one that owes. You owe the ones that came before you to uphold the standards that were laid before us by our ancestors. What you are is an old joke that is no longer funny. Black Lives Matter but do they matter to you? That woman you slept with last night, does her Black life matter? Your baby mother, does her Black life matter? Your kids that you haven't bothered to see in the last month, do their Black lives matter? Or how about the countless brothers and sisters that are strung out on the dope you sold them? Do their Black lives matter?

It is so easy to jump in front of a news camera with t-shirts and signs that promote Black pride and Black Lives Matter. But when the news crew goes home for the night do you STILL care about Black lives? Do you care about your own Black life? That is the purpose for this blog. To show you that we care about your Black life. I care GREATLY about your Black life. I'm supposed to. We have more than enough to deal with in this country yet you are making it harder for our progress. 

Getting money should not be your drive and motivation for getting up everyday. It should be how can I effectively plant a seed of prosperity into the ones that will come after us. That is how our community can survive. You actually have to care about someone other than yourself or your household. We are grown now. It's far time we started acting like it. Momma can't keep walking the floor at night praying we make it home. She's tired. You should be too! 

Whats so wrong with letting our guard down a bit? At least for your lady. Hold her more. Touch her more. Kiss her a little bit harder, longer. Smack her backside a little from time to time. See her. No fellas, really SEE her. When she walks in the room tell her to stop. To stand right there. You stand up, walk over to her. Circle her a few times. Lean in close to smell her. Make her feel like a woman again. Not just a mother, or girlfriend.. make her remember that she is a female. Stand behind her. Pull her close. Wrap your arms around her and tell her softly but firmly that you've got her. She is safe with you. She can rest.

This is from the bottom.. but it's time to clean it up Fellas. Time for a new start. Time for a new look. Time for a new way of thinking. Time for a new you. It's time for.. a New Hue.