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              Head over to THE COLLECTION for more from this shoot.

Remember THAT FEELING you would get when you found out that a girl you liked happened to like you back? I'm talking even further than you wanting to have sex with her. Back to the time when it made you nervous to even make eye contact with her. Haha to go out of your way to make sure she sat by you in the lunch room. When it was time for the class to have a washroom break and you got to stand behind her. Just had her hair permed the night before so the aroma is intoxicating! Haha

Or when it's the night before the first day of school and your new clothes are laid out on your chair. Laying in bed looking at the ceiling CRACKING UP at yourself because you know that your going to hurt EVERYONE at school tomorrow with your new Starter shirt! Trapper Keeper is fully stocked. Barber shop hooked you up. And Tonya broke up with Rickey over the summer so she's fair game! Haha

The older we get we lose that innocence. We rush through so many things in life we forget to take time to embrace that feeling. It's not masculine to just LIKE a woman. It's about how quick you can "run through that". I'm a happily married man but I still have moments where I get excited when she walks through the door. To smell her hair after she gets it done. Sit across from her at a restaurant. 

We have become hardened by life. Past loves have made us bitter. Family and friends have made us more distant. We've become slaves to our jobs. So how do we progress in adulthood but still hold on to a bit of innocence? How do I maintain my masculinity while wanting to buy her flowers? Or draw her a bath?

You grab an ax. You grab an ax and start chopping down some of those beliefs. Spit in your hands and get a firm grip on the handle. Focus on one spot in life that you want to change and MAKE CONTACT! It's all about precision. You have to attack that situation in the right place. Strike from a few different angles. One idea may become exhausted so find another means to get the job done! But the idea is to keep attacking. 

Once you see how weak that problem or issue is, it gives you confidence to keep pressing forward. What once seemed a strong and indestructible force will now become compromised! Unstable. It's at that moment you know that nothing is impossible! 

You have to take time to celebrate your accomplishments. The girl you had a crush on years ago and is now your wife.. that's an accomplishment. Celebrate that. The job that the devil kept telling you that you weren't qualified for, that your now in your third year of working.. is an accomplishment. Celebrate that. Get that feeling back. Become HAPPY again. Remember what it took to obtain everything that you have. How hard you worked. How great you felt when that tree in your situation fell to the ground by God's grace and your persistence. Take those pieces and build a fire. What was once a mighty force is now nothing but ashes under your feet.