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Have you ever looked in the mirror and said, "Damn, what am I really doing with my life?" Well at one point in time that was me as well, but before we get into that, let me introduce myself. My name Is Chris Craig, I'm 29 years old, born and raised right here in Joliet.

Growing up I had a pretty normal life or what I believed to be normal, until my younger years in middle school/ high school. Education was always the focal point for me, but not always for the crowd of people I constantly craved attention from. As for most of us, fitting in was what mattered and what I struggled with the most. Seeing that I didn't look or dress like those I cared to surround myself with. As a young adult work became my number one priority, buying any and everything I couldn't have as child. Staying in the party life with the same crowd of people I could not gain a sense of respect from in High School. Because I now fit the "criteria" of the cool kids. This went on for years. 

One morning I got up and I looked in the mirror and said; "Damn, what am I really doing with my life?" It was at that moment I realized I had the wrong perception on life and it was time for a change of pace. Weaving out the negative energy, dead weight, and people that hindered my full potential, life became so much easier. I have taken that same energy and put it into the things that make me happy. Like my music and trying to mentor the youth around me in hopes of making a difference in just one life. Not just through what I say, but in the actions I take in strives on becoming a better me.

As I look back over time, I am proud to say I am very pleased with the young man that I have become, and even more excited to see what life has in store for me around the corner. You can only be as great as you allow yourself to be. Only YOU define the person you can and will be.